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Welcome to TBSJ, 24/7 provider of high-quality translation by subject matter experts, and creator of Leveraged AI, for next-generation translation.

About Leveraged AI

Our self-developed Leveraged AI harnesses world-class technologies and subject matter experts to deliver faster, more accurate and more cost-effective translations. We tailor-make this exclusive Leveraged AI for clients in the financial and legal sectors with ongoing, high-volume translation needs.
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What is Leveraged AI?

We have developed the next-generation of translation capability: Leveraged AI. Our cutting-edge system integrates sector-specialized translators and exclusive, best-in-class automation technology. We set up and tailor-make computer-aided translation tools and AI engines for each client to deliver translations of maximum consistency and accuracy in a quicker, more cost-effective way.

Why did we develop Leveraged AI?

With close to 100 years' industry experience among its senior management team, TBSJ has long understood that subject matter experts, not machines, are fundamental to providing high-quality translation. AI continues to develop rapidly, offering great opportunities, but it can be only a tool, not a provider. By harnessing the capabilities of AI and other computer technologies for use by our specialized translators, we have combined the best of man and machine, for superior translation.

Who is Leveraged AI for?

Leveraged AI is ideal for clients with ongoing, high-volume translation needs in sectors with a tendency for repetitive content such as legal services and equity research. We build our translation memory software and AI engines from the ground up, using client data to create and maintain a bespoke translation solution.

How can Leveraged AI be used?

Clients can choose from two options: Entrusting us with their Leveraged AI translation needs or logging on to our Leveraged AI Portal so they can utilize our technology in-house.

AI vs Leveraged AI

Leveraged AI: Tailor-made translation tech, built and maintained exclusively for you, using your own data
Features AI Leveraged AI
Personalized translation memory
We build custom translation memories from each client’s data and carefully manage their consistency and quality over time. Well-maintained, tailor-made TMs are the cornerstone of translation cost reduction.
Custom termbases
We construct dedicated glossaries for each client or project and combine them with the latest technologies to ensure that preferred terminology is always used.
Bespoke AI engines
TBSJ's expertise in linguistics, translation, and technology come together seamlessly in the AI engines we build for individual clients, domains, or projects.
Automated, made-to-order quality assurance
We can build tools tailored to your unique style requirements in order to facilitate efficient assurance of translation quality.
Subject matter experts
Our translators and editors are specialists in their fields, so their linguistic choices are backed by industry experience and knowledge.
Dedicated data asset management team
Our Data Assets Team works with state-of-the-art tools to ensure that all translation data is of the highest quality and consistency for the best results from translation technologies.
Bilingual, international staff
All of our customer-facing staff are fluent in Japanese and English and able to communicate in whichever language our clients feel most comfortable with.
Maximum efficiency
Our global team works to execute your project in the most efficient and timely way possible.
Cost-reduction without sacrificing quality
We reduce costs where possible by setting up projects carefully, capitalizing on repetition, and using reference materials effectively. We don't try to save on costs by cutting corners or just using cheaper translators.
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TBSJ were competitively priced and outperformed the competing translation vendors that we considered or had used previously in terms of quality and service. They were unmatched by other vendors.
Senior Associate
Disputes team at a major international law firm
I always choose TBSJ as my first option for translation service. TBSJ is really responsive and provides us one of the best quality translation for reasonable price.
Partner specializing in competition law at a Big Four Japanese law firm