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Translation Business Systems Japan


Pricing Overview



Subject Half Day Full Day Hour of Overtime
(Simultaneous, consecutive)
¥95,000 ¥150,000 ¥19,000
General Business
¥65,000 ¥95,000 ¥12,000
Note: Overtime calculated in 15-minute increments

Cancellation Fees

Once assignments have been confirmed by the client (by email, phone, or other), cancellation fees apply as follows. Note for depositions, the cancellation fee is higher:


  • Less than 2 weeks, more than 1 week: 50% of full fee
  • Less than 1 week: 85% of full fee
  • Previous or same day: Full fee

All Other Work

  • Less than 1 week: 50% of full fee
  • Previous or same day: Full fee

Additional costs

  • Equipment – TBSJ will prepare a quote for each job where equipment is needed.
  • Travel and accommodation – TBSJ will make all arrangements and the cost is reimbursed by the client (no handling charge or commission is applied by TBSJ). TBSJ will advise of an appropriate grade of hotel and best travel arrangements given the requirements of the job and client budget.
  • Travel time – Where interpreters have to travel more than 1.5 hours one way to get to a job, travel time is charged at 50% of interpreting rates. For example, a four-hour round trip would be charged at 50% of the half-day rate.
  • Meals – Where interpreters have to stay at a hotel, a meal allowance of 7,500 yen per interpreter will be reimbursed by the client.